54 years of reliable operation


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Julia Brügger runs a dairy and arable farm together with her father in Straelen on the Lower Rhine. In 1969, her grandfather bought an AMAZONE D4 for 2,500 DM from the company Terhöven. Unfortunately, the working width of 2.5 metres is too narrow for the family's current needs, so a decision was made to purchase a new seed drill. Due to the reliability of the old D4, they chose another AMAZONE product. In the future, sowing will now be carried out by a D9-3000 Super with RoTeC coulters. The old D4 will then begin its journey back home to our factory in Hasbergen-Gaste. Now that three generations have successfully worked with this seed drill, it will take pride of place in our museum. 

This is just one example of many family businesses that are sold on the quality and longevity of our machines. The new D9-3000 Super will become a long-term, loyal companion alongside other AMAZONE machines that the Brügger farm uses for fertilisation and crop protection.