AMAZONE is also a piece of home

Interesting discovery brings back fond memories

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The comic artist, author and children's book illustrator Kim Schmidt lives and draws in Güllerup / Schleswig-Holstein. The "Local Heroes" cartoon series is published regularly in the SHZ newspaper and there are now even 22 books in the series as well as some special editions. Visit the following site: https://www.flying-kiwi.de/

In April of this year, we received a clipping from a daily newspaper printed in Schleswig-Holstein. It was sent in by Sabine Stechmann and showed a cartoon that clearly depicted an AMAZONE seed drill. The image reminded the sender of her childhood, as both her parents had worked at AMAZONE. Her father, Erich Huffnagel, worked as a foreman in production, while her mother Anneliese worked in sales. During her school holidays, Ms. Stechmann worked in the spare parts warehouse and still remembers an order for " track marker discs". Since she didn't know the function of these parts on our machines, she went on a tour of the factory and finally discovered where they fitted on our drill combinations. Even after 40 years, the sight of orange and green agricultural machinery still brings a smile to her face and reminds her of home. So she came up with the idea of sending the clipping over to share her discovery with us. Ms. Stechmann has worked as a veterinarian in Rendsburg for many years.

This story demonstrates the positive connection of former employees and the attachment of entire families to AMAZONE. Many people associate more than just products with AMAZONE, making us part of a wide variety of different life stories.