Farewell to Wilhelm Jürgens

"We keep our promises!"

Roland Kratz (AMAZONE Sales Manager, Central Region), Jan-Heiner Kampmeyer (AMAZONE Factory Representative), Wilhelm Jürgens (Managing Director of AGRAVIS Technik Saltenbrock), Sebastian Straßburger (AMAZONE Factory Representative), Jörg Dölling (Head of AMAZONE Customer Service), Henning Weinland-Wilken (AMAZONE Product Management for Seeding)
The end of an era. Our valued and long-standing business partner Wilhelm Jürgens has taken his well-deserved retirement. His guiding principle: "We keep the promises we make with our customers, suppliers, employees and shareholders", which reflects the values and principles that have guided Mr Jürgens throughout his long career. One area of focus has always been on training young people. It was important to him that they could try things out and be encouraged. As an advocate of clear structures and responsibilities, Mr Jürgens became Managing Director of Saltenbrock Landtechnik GmbH in March 2002, which now comes under the name AGRAVIS Technik Saltenbrock GmbH. In the years that followed, the company expanded through acquisitions and the recruitment of skilled labour and also achieved exclusivity for CLAAS in Westphalia in 2016.

Showing great determination, Mr Jürgens expanded his sales territories and adapted the supplier portfolio to cover all segments of the farming world. His loyalty to AMAZONE and CLAAS and his commitment helped the businesses he managed to gain strength in their regions and become part of the "Saltenbrock" family. We wish him all the best for the next stage of his life