Once upon a time: Amazone is also active in the winter

Streuautomat AMAZONE ST 200

Amazone equipment is not only used in the summer, but also in the winter. More than 50 years ago, Amazone came up with the idea of using its extensive experience in manufacturing roller spreaders to produce winter road gritting spreaders. Spreaders of this kind have a wide variety of possible uses: The equipment can spread salt as well as mixtures of salt and sand onto the road to melt snow and ice or can spread gravel onto the road to neutralise the dangers posed by slippery ice and prevent cars from sliding and causing accidents.

The first Amazone winter service roller spreaders worked very well. One particular strength of the ST 200/250 systems was their ability to spread a fine, even layer of different spreading materials onto the road. However, the technology used for winter road gritting has since been applied to other systems and so a decision was made to stop development of the roller system. In the meantime, Amazone has switched to and further perfected the principle of the centrifugal spreader for winter road gritting as well as for fertiliser spreaders. As a result, the winter service products offered by AMAZONEN-WERKE have enjoyed outstanding success on the market over the years.