Dr. Justus Dreyer: 25 years working in-house

From mechanical engineering degree to driver of innovation


Dr Justus Dreyer, Chairman of the Management Board and owner of the AMAZONE Group, is celebrating 25 years of service this year. Born in 1970 to Magdalene and Dr Heinz Dreyer, he studied mechanical engineering at the Technical University of Brunswick in the 1990s. During his subsequent scientific work at the University of Hohenheim, specialising in seeding, he gained experience in design at AMAZONE, among other things. He was awarded a doctorate in agriculture in 2004. in 2005, his father entrusted him with the management of the company, which he has been running together with his great-cousin Christian Dreyer ever since.

Dr Justus Dreyer is passionate about developing innovative solutions at AMAZONE and is committed to the future of agriculture. His involvement in international projects that serve to further develop sustainability in local agriculture is a matter close to his heart. The entrepreneur lives in Osnabrück and enjoys spending his free time doing a variety of activities with friends and family. As a committed team player, he continues to pursue the goal of leading the AMAZONE Group into a successful future.