Cooperation with colleges and universities

‘Getting To Know Us Evening’ for students with a difference

In addition to diverse projects which AMAZONEN-WERKE is developing with various colleges and universities, we constantly host numerous students who are writing their bachelor's or master's theses or who are simply completing an internship at our company.

In order to familiarise these students with AMAZONEN-WERKE, Timo Klemann, head of the crop protection product line, organised a barbecue evening at the Wambergen trials centre.

In the course of the evening, the students were shown the Controlled Row Farming trial fields, and this new method of cultivation was explained to them. Afterwards they were taken through the refurbished factory museum, which we have set up in the hallway of the farmhouse, by our senior partner. Here the students were shown the agricultural machinery which has been developed and produced umpteen thousand times across almost 140 years of AMAZONEN-WERKE‘s existence – from winnowers and potato sorters, worm auger fertiliser spreaders and manure spreaders to modern soil tillage, fertilisation and seed drills.

The presentation met with great interest; after all, this is an important chapter in the development of European agricultural technology. There was ample opportunity for everyone to ask questions or discuss issues which had been addressed during the subsequent evening meal consisting of meat and sausages from the barbecue.

The students listened to senior partner Klaus Dreyer with interest.