Cobra-2TX trailed shallow cultivator

Against weeds with a width of up to 7 metres
Shredding, moving and mixing together with reconsolidation as an option – all in a single pass! The new 6-stagger Cobra shallow cultivator will be available in widths of 6 and 7 m from 2022. 

The Cobra with its six stagger of ECO leaf-spring tines is the specialist for shallow and medium-depth cultivation from 4 to 13 cm and provides an enormously large passage of organic matter and soil despite the narrow tine spacing of 13.3 cm. The vibration of the leaf-spring tines produces a large amount of fine soil in the process. 

In addition, the ECO leaf-spring tines can adapt very flexibly to the soil conditions and can avoid obstacles. Equipped with 220 mm wide duckfoot shares, full-surface movement is obtained, and all the stubble and weeds are completely chopped up.

The working depth is precisely regulated via support wheels and packer rollers. Various packer rollers and also the up-front knife roller for sustainable shredding of plant residues can be used.