Christian Dreyer is the Agricultural Entrepreneur of the Year

Amazone_GF Christian Dreyer_Agrarunternehmer des Jahres
The “Agricultural Entrepreneur of the Year” award was presented by Dr. Bernard Krone (right). The Dreyer family, from left to right: Klaus Dreyer, Philipp Dreyer, Christian Dreyer, Bettina Dreyer, Elena Dreyer

His foresight and ground-breaking concepts are exceptional and extremely proactive. That, at least, is the opinion of the agricultural trade journal Agrarzeitung (AZ), which awarded Christian Dreyer the title of ‘Agricultural Entrepreneur of 2019’.

Agrarzeitung heaps praises on Christian Dreyer, calling him a ‘clever and level-headed man’. The jury believes that Mr Dreyer, who has been one of AMAZONEN-WERKE’s Managing Directors for 20 years (together with his partner and second cousin, Dr. Justus Dreyer), has ‘further developed the traditional company and set the course for a successful future’, so the statement said

It went on to explain that Mr Dreyer had transformed the company, founded in 1883 by his great-grandfather, into an internationally focused supplier of agricultural machinery and made it fit for the future. Under his leadership, the export share rose from 30% in the early 1990s to 80% today. The award is, not least, recognition of this successful corporate development despite the difficult environment in this sector.

Agrarzeitung awards the title each year to an entrepreneur in the agricultural sector. In 2019, the award was again presented during ‘Agritechnica’, the world’s leading trade show for agricultural machinery that is held in November, during a festive gala evening in the old town hall in Hanover. The laudatory speech was given by fellow entrepreneur Dr. Bernard Krone, from Krone, based in Spelle, Emsland. Amazone’s employees can also be proud of this honour – because it’s partly due to them. Or, as the prizewinner himself put it: ‘This is, not least, a team effort made by all our employees.’