Even in difficult times: Amazone is growing, blossoming and thriving

Bei der offiziellen Einweihung des Global Parts Center (von links): Bei der offiziellen Einweihung des Global Parts Center (von links): Andreas Hemeyer (Mitglied der Geschäftsleitung), Bettina Dreyer, Geschäftsführer Christian Dreyer, Geschäftsführer Dr. Justus Dreyer, Carolin Wiebusch-Rakonjac (Leitung Global Parts Center), Klaus Dreyer (Gesellschafter und Vertreter der 3. Generation der Familie Dreyer)

Although the coronavirus pandemic has slowed down our economic and social lives on an unprecedented scale in recent months, the Amazone Management continues to push forward with plans for further development of the product range and modernisation of production sites and sales locations. In addition to the markets in Western Europe, Amazone is also continuing to focus on Eastern European countries that are particularly interesting from an agricultural perspective.

Our production site in Samara, Russia, is currently under expansion, and we have recently opened the new sales and service branch of AMAZONE-UKRAINA in Kiev. In August, we were able to officially inaugurate our new spare parts warehouse "Amazone Global Parts Center" in Leeden. To ensure the essential supply of spare parts, we have an efficient and modern logistics system that is designed to meet market requirements in the future.

In spite of the huge economic upheaval caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the agriculture and agricultural machinery sectors were not hit particularly hard. Since taking care of people is a top priority, especially in times of crisis, Amazone remains optimistic and hopes that the overall situation will gradually improve over the coming weeks and months.