AMAZONE seed drill combination in the home of malt whisky

A blend of years of experience, know-how and the abundant supply of local spring water coupled with the finest malt barley are what make Scotland so famous for its malt whisky. Aberdeenshire in the north-east of Scotland is home to some 50 Scotch whisky distilleries, including world-famous names such as Glenfiddich.

G & J Mackie mainly grows seed potatoes as a rotation crop on a farm in Little Hilton, but it also produces spring barley for the best whisky. G & J Mackie works closely together with the malt industry to supply the ideal low-nitrogen grains, which are particularly well suited to producing the high-quality, amber whisky. 

AMAZONE Avant 4001- 2 – seed drill combination with front tank
For example, the soil is ploughed in early winter, so that the effects of frost give it the right crumb structure. These are perfect conditions for use of the Avant 4001-2 from AMAZONE in the spring. In particular, the working results of the wedge ring roller, which provides ideal reconsolidation of the local soil for optimum preparation of the seedbed for the RoTeC coulter system, is highlighted by owner Greame Mackie r. He is also pleased with the AmaTron 3 terminal, as it allows him to see all the parameters of the front tank, which is used for both seed and fertiliser, at the same time.

So the next time you raise your glass and enjoy a fine single malt, just think that the barley may have been sown by an AMAZONE Avant seed drill combination.

Cheers, to your health!