AMAZONE is participating in the AgriGaia project

Cooperation with strong partners

UX 5201 crop protection sprayer with integrated sensors

AMAZONE is working together with several associated companies, including Robert Bosch GmbH, Claas E-System GmbH, Bernard Krone GmbH & Co. KG and the University of Osnabrück on the AgriGaia project funded by the Federal Ministry for Economics and Climate Action. The project aims to bring artificial intelligence (AI) into agricultural practice by means of a comprehensive platform, thereby creating added value for the farmer. The platform also enables artificial intelligence to be applied to AMAZONE machinery and optimise the work process.

The plants in the field are analysed with highly complex sensors installed on the machines. Based on different colours and shapes, the sensor can use artificial intelligence to determine whether it is a crop or a weed and whether the plant is supplied with sufficient nutrients. The detection of plant diseases will also be possible in the future.

The machine is able to work much more precisely by analysing the data with artificial intelligence. Plants can be selectively treated chemically or mechanically, or even removed, and better needs-based fertilisation is possible. Artificial intelligence for AMAZONE agricultural machinery – the future has already begun!