AMAZONE is growing, blossoming and thriving

Business at AMAZONE has developed successfully despite the restrictions caused by the pandemic. We are immensely grateful to our customers and our partners for remaining loyal to us during this challenging time for all of us, and for continuing to do so.

Planned new building in Samara, Russia

Sales have grown in Germany, France and the UK, as well as in other key markets such as Poland, Denmark and Austria. Although we only moved to our new spare parts centre, the Global Parts Center in Leeden, in 2019, there is already a need for further space there. We are considering the relocation of the last remaining assembly lines in Leeden to the new plant in Bramsche to gain this space. This will require an extension of the halls in Bramsche, which we are currently planning.

Our production plant in Samara, Russia, has reached the limits of its capacity due to the high level of utilisation last year and this spring. We are therefore planning a new building as an extension of the existing plant on a site not far from the current location.