AMAZONE grain cleaner with elevator

Once upon a time

Kurz Notiert 2 - 1

The grain cleaning machine was the original product from the Heinrich Dreyer factory in Gaste, which was renamed Amazonenwerke in around 1910. The grain cleaning machine, which is used to separate the chaff from the grain and was popularly known as the "winnower", received a medal at the DLG exhibition in Bremen in 1891 and was then named AMAZONE. Over the years that followed, the original machine developed into a selection of different-sized cleaners with a large range of accessories. As you can see here, an elevator was even incorporated for loading the cleaned grain from sacks. These cleaning machines were manufactured by AMAZONE until the 1950s. In the end, they were only available in small numbers and therefore in only one standard size until combine harvesters finally emerged onto the market and took over the job of cleaning the grain.