AMAZONE embarks on a bicycle tour for peace

Trainees implement the idea of Johannes Trieb

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Performance artist Volker-Johannes Trieb handing over his customised bicycle (from left): Matthis Kühn (trainee), Tim Schade (training manager), Dr. Justus Dreyer, Bettina Dreyer (owner family) and Helmut Kemper (Osnabrück District Office of Culture).

On the occasion of the 375th anniversary of the Peace of Westphalia, the Osnabrücker Land tourism company organised a bicycle tour together with Münsterland e. V. It was held over two weekends in April along the 163 kilometre long Peace Route between Münster and Osnabrück. Our trainees from AMAZONE helped implement an idea from the artist and sculptor Volker-Johannes Trieb and developed a type of printing machine for his transport bicycle that sprayed a message of peace onto the asphalt using biodegradable paint along selected sections of the route and in front of the town halls. Training manager Tim Schade and trainee Matthis Kühn worked on the special printer bicycle for a few months with outstanding ingenuity and commitment. During the process, they developed and installed a pump, paint container, control and a nozzle module on the bicycle platform. The design was successful. At the opening event in Osnabrück, Trieb sprayed Erich Maria Remarque's quote "I always thought everyone was against war" in 40 cm large letters on the pavement in front of the town hall.

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