Content Creators visit AMAZONE

Our guest influencers with the AMAZONE team

The AMACreatorDays took place in Bramsche from 18-19 September 2023.  The event focused on spreading the word about our new 2024 products via social media. A total of 18 influencers from Germany and Austria were offered a varied supporting programme over the two days.

On the large test field in Bramsche, the participants had the opportunity to try all the innovations out for themselves. Of course, our team members responsible for the relevant product lines were also available to answer any questions from these content experts and provide assistance in operating the machines. The supporting programme also included factory tours in Bramsche, a joint cooking evening and also a go-karting experience.   

In the wake of AMACreatorDays, the response on social media highlighted the success of the event, which was consistently described by guests as the "best event of its kind" compared to the competition. Explanatory videos totalling almost 10 hours were published on YouTube and viewed well over 500,000 times. The reels also received over 1,900,000 clicks on Instagram and we were even able to register a considerable number of views on TikTok - around 700,000. In summary, it can be concluded that the event generated a considerable image boost on social media. 

Welcome to the sales partner days by Christian Dreyer at Hof Wambergen with a company presentation and information about our trial areas with the CRF (Controlled Row Farming) arable farming systems  

Aerial view of the presentation of the new products at the international press conference and sales partner days.