agri EXPERTS and DLG 2020 surveys.

The market research institute agri EXPERTS – Deutscher Landwirtschaftsverlag GmbH – conducts an annual survey of around 600 German farmers, with ratings based on easy usability, service/dealer, quality/workmanship/technology and reliability of the product range, amongst other things.

The assessment is added up to obtain an overall score according to a points system. In the November 2020 evaluation, AMAZONE achieved the highest score in the ranking by brand assessment of 69 agricultural machinery manufacturers.

In addition, AMAZONE did very well in the DLG Image Barometer 2020 and was once again considered to be the best of the medium-sized equipment manufacturers on the basis of the current assessments. It goes without saying that we are very pleased with these excellent results, as they show us that our efforts to provide top quality and good service are recognised by our customers.

By combining our efforts, we will continue to develop innovative technology with high quality standards for the farmers of tomorrow.

The agricultural index determined the ranking of 87 established companies