Agrargenossenschaft (AG) Bad Dürrenberg

Many years of fruitful cooperation 


The Agrargenossenschaft Bad Dürrenberg agricultural coop has been a reliable partner of AMAZONE/BBG for decades. The operation, which is located in the immediate vicinity of the Leipzig production site of AMAZONEN-WERKE, had been cooperating with BBG even before the reunification of Germany and has intensified this cooperation in the following years. 

The agricultural coop manages an area of 4,300 hectares, of which 4,200 hectares consist of arable land with a wide crop rotation, including all types of cereals, rape, maize and beet, as well as 36 hectares for flower mixtures and pollinator plants. 

The Landwirtschaftliche Dienstleistungszentrum GmbH, which concentrates on services for the support of all kinds of agricultural work, the direct marketing of the company's own agricultural products and the company's own transport facilities, also belongs to the agricultural cooperative. They also run Landgut Friedensdorf GmbH, which is a certified organic farm. 

The agricultural coop is located in Saxony-Anhalt

AMAZONE machinery plays an important role in the company's machine fleet. For example, we are excellently represented with our machines in the sectors of crop protection, fertilisation, seeding and soil tillage. In addition, the farm assists us as a professional partner for testing and implementation in the area of soil tillage. Another aspect of the good working relationship is the support and advice of visitor groups.