A passionate employee for almost 30 years: Jens Meißner


He’s an export merchant, an engineer and a salesman all rolled into one, and is amazingly passionate to boot: Jens Meißner has been working for Amazone for almost three decades. After completing his training, Mr Meißner joined us in 1991. Not only did he bring his theoretical knowledge in the field of agricultural engineering along with him; he also had an apprenticeship to become an engine fitter, his school-leaving qualification and a year studying at the Martin Luther University of Halle-Wittenberg under his belt. But – above all else – it was his degree in Mechanical Engineering and Agriculture completed at the Goryachkin State University in Moscow that made him a highly sought-after employee for Amazone. His knowledge of both English and Russian meant that Mr Meißner was the perfect person to tap into the CIS states for Amazone straight after the fall of the Iron Curtain.

But there’s more to Mr Meißner than just his specialist knowledge; his human side sets him apart too. With his genuine and friendly nature, he made the associates, with whom he built the sales of Amazone machinery, not only into partners with a strong cooperation, but also enthusiastic members of our extended Amazone family. The many years he has spent devoting his energies to the company have resulted in Amazone products being highly recognisable and having a good image and high market shares in many countries. We hope Mr Meißner has many more successful years at Amazone!