A new organisation with an even stronger customer focus

We can look back on a long tradition at AMAZONE. The satisfaction of our customers has always been the focus of our activities. We reaffirmed this in our mission statement in 2014 and also developed seven core values which make our company special. Both our customers and our employees can trust in these values. We have set a course for the future in recent months: Our soil tillage, sowing, fertilisation and plant protection product lines have moved further towards the centre of our company.

An experienced Product Line Manager is in charge of each line. In particular, our new product line structure brings us even closer to our customers and ensures that all areas of the company involved are fully integrated. As a partner to agriculture, we aim to offer products and services which are optimally geared to the needs of our customers.


We want to remain an independent family business in the future! That is why we have set ourselves challenging goals for the coming years which complement our mission statement and core values. In doing so, we were driven by the idea that farmers worldwide will rely on our innovative and sustainable solutions for intelligent crop production in the future. We aim to be the market leader in Europe with our product lines and also to be represented in all important arable farming regions of the world. We have compiled the most important information on our updated mission statement in a brochure. Together with our partners and employees, we work every day to meet the challenges of these times and further increase the high level of satisfaction of our customers.

  1. Customer orientation
  2. Teamwork
  3. Commitment
  4. Quality
  5. Innovation
  6. Sustainability
  7. Continuity