75 years of seed drills | 1949 -2024

Our current flagship: the Cirrus Grand trailed cultivator drill in 9 m working width.

For 75 years, AMAZONE has stood for innovation and quality in when it comes to seed drills. No matter if working after the plough, mulch or direct seeding, or whether using linkage mounted, harrow-mounted or trailed drills, AMAZONE offers the right solution for every soil type and any crop type. With state-of-the-art technology, high precision and simple operation, AMAZONE has become the market leader in seed drills. In this anniversary year, we are not only celebrating our own success, but also that of our customers. 

The first AMAZONE "D1" seed drill in 1949.

AMAZONE RE-D4 combination

The story of the seed drill goes back to 1949. At that time, Dipl. Eng. Heinrich Dreyer, the son of the company founder, together with Mr Kademann, developed the first D1 seed drill with a working width of 2 m, which was equipped with the innovative Elite seed wheel for fine and normal sowing. This seed drill revolutionised the drilling of catch crops because, unlike seed drills of that time, the D1 didn’t require the seed wheels to be constantly changed. When AMAZONE first launched its combination of reciprocating harrow and D4 seed drill in 1966, it was a completely new technique and it also represented the beginning of a long story of success. This innovation was a huge step forward for farmers. This was because the combination of active soil tillage and sowing made it possible to reduce the number of passes whilst, at the same time, significantly improving the sowing quality. 

With the current seed drills and seed drill combinations, we are trying to find the perfect system for the interaction of soil tillage, reconsolidation, seed placement and embedding for every farm in the world. In addition to the conventional and pneumatic mounted and harrow-mounted seed drills, today's AMAZONE range also includes other different designs. These include Cirrus trailed cultivator drill, the Primera DMC large area seed drill and solo seed drills, such as the Citan, in working widths of up to 15 m. No other agricultural machinery manufacturer can offer its customers such a comprehensive range of seed drills and seed drill combinations as AMAZONE.

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