1. Leipzig theme evening

A firmly established event for the farmers in the region


The local AMAZONE team was very pleased with the extremely good response to the 18th traditional Leipzig theme evening. After a two-year break due to the pandemic, the Active Centre at the factory was filled to capacity with 450 farmers and contractors. The professional establishment of catch crops is gaining increasingly in importance as a result of the changing climatic and political environment in agriculture and this was the focal point at this year's event.

Christoph Seyfert, crop consultant at Hanse-Agro, illustrated various strategies to achieve optimum weed suppression, an improved soil structure and, last but not least, ideal nutrient conservation in the phase between cash crops in catch crop establishment.

Christoph Laumann, head of the AMAZONE soil tillage product line, showed the audience how well developed catch crops with a high level of organic matter can be optimally incorporated in the soil, in order to create ideal conditions for the decomposition process. He provided an overview of the current AMAZONE soil tillage product range. Newly developed implements such as the front knife roller combined with the new Cobra trailed shallow cultivator or the established Catros compact disc harrow break up the organic matter before the subsequent uniform incorporation, in order to make the accumulated nutrients of the catch crop available to the following crop as quickly as possible.

After an optional factory tour, there was lively discussion among the visitors in a convivial atmosphere until late in the evening. The last Monday in January 2024 is once again firmly fixed in the calendar for the 19th theme evening!