1. Leipzig themed evening – digital

The 17th Leipzig themed evening took place in January of this year. It was held as a public online event for the first time due to the current situation.

The topic of the evening was "Climate and society in a changing world – prospects for future-oriented agricultural machinery". The lectures on this topic were given by our employees Sascha Bansberg (Sales Promotion Leipzig) and Stefan Kiefer (Head of Product Management) in dialogue. The lecture’s mix of plant cultivation aspects and technical solutions was very well received. More than 500 "live" viewers took part in the digital event.

There was an opportunity for participants to leave questions and comments in a chat both during and after the lecture. These were answered and discussed by the speakers after the lecture. The nature of the questions showed that predominantly expert audiences were represented.


The online event also demonstrated the enormous reach which can be achieved online these days. 5,000 viewers had watched the specialist lecture after 24 hours. In this respect, we are pleased that the exchange of experience with our customers is also working well via digital channels.

We hope that the 18th Leipzig theme evening can once again take place as an attended event under “normal” conditions, and we look forward to enjoying the evening together with our customers after the lecture.

The video of the event can be viewed here: www.amazone.de/themenabend