1.2 million fertiliser spreaders in over 100 years of history

Amazone HDG No. 1 worm auger fertiliser spreader with 3 m working width

Heinrich Dreyer, the AMAZONE founder, applied for his first patent on a worm auger fertiliser spreader in 1915. In those days, the chain fertiliser distributor was the measure of all things. The disadvantage of theses spreaders was that they were very heavy, prone to rusting and expensive, and the spreading elements became clogged when the fertiliser was wet. The AMAZONE worm auger spreaders were built and sold from 1917.

The worm auger spreader was easy to pull, easy to clean and affordable. Any fertiliser could be evenly spread no matter whether it was dry or moist. From 1922 onwards, the triumphant advance of the AMAZONE worm auger fertiliser spreader was unstoppable and AMAZONE became the leader in the fertiliser spreader market in the early 1930s.

Perfect boundary and side spreading with the AMAZONE Limiter
The twin disc fertiliser spreader, which became the model for all spreaders throughout the world with its style of technology, was added by Heinz Dreyer (1932 - 2023) in 1958. This spreader underwent extensive development up to the point where it can be supplied today in working widths of up to 50 m with modern weighing technology for monitoring the amount of fertiliser to be spread, the Argus-Twin automatic spread fan monitoring system and automatic side wind compensation (WindControl). This technology provides a uniform spread pattern with a coefficient of variation of less than 5 % for all types of fertiliser and weather conditions. AMAZONE remains the market leader in this field.

AMAZONE has supplied more than 250,000 worm auger fertiliser spreaders and more than 950,000 twin disc fertiliser spreaders as well as pneumatic spreaders, i.e. more than 1.2 million fertiliser spreaders throughout the world in more than 100 years of history.