Practical demonstrations and digital in-house trade shows instead of exhibitions: A response to the coronavirus crisis

„Train the Trainer“-Schulung im Amazone Gästehaus

The coronavirus crisis has upset the apple cart at Amazone. Since almost all domestic and overseas exhibitions have been cancelled, we are having to adopt a different approach:  We have now started using a series of small, practical demonstrations to showcase the technology used in Amazone equipment. In many regions, we are able to demonstrate the performance of our machinery in close proximity to the customer. We can show our customers, first hand, that our systems offer better performance whilst consuming less fuel. In any case, word has got around that Amazone machinery has a long service life and a high resale value, and that our excellent customer service representatives take very good care of machine owners.


In practice, we organise demonstrations for interested parties together with our dealers, which are sometimes attended by a professional colleague. Requests for a demonstration can be submitted at Needless to say, we always restrict the number of participants in attendance in order to respect the permissible limit.

Amazone is also offering more and more training courses at our facilities, which are essential in view of the continuous increase in the complexity and performance of our technology.

The digital in-house exhibition, Precision World 2020, is a brand new concept that can be attended virtually. Each visitor has the opportunity to find out everything there is to know about our current products and innovations by taking a virtual tour of our ACTIVE Centre.

Even the virtual Fan Shop is open for business. Pay us a visit if you have a spare moment. The exhibition is open around the clock.