“Dreyers Federkraft“ was the revenue driver


The potato sorter was an important machine in the AMAZONE product range. At the suggestion of Mr Heinemann, head of the agricultural machinery wholesalers in Osnabrück and friend of the founder Heinrich Dreyer, the latter built the first potato sorting machine in 1910. Mr Heinemann liked it so much that he immediately ordered 500 of them. The flat sieve of this sorter was mounted on springs, so Heinrich called it “Dreyers Federkraft“ [Dreyer’s Spring Power].

Dreyers Federkraft Sekunda from the 1932 catalogue

The sorter business developed into the main source of revenue of AMAZONEN-WERKE after only a few years. The “Dreyers Federkraft“ models included the “Federkraft Secunda“, a giant system which was motor-driven and mounted on wheels for easier transport. This machine from 1932 was provided with a roof for working outdoors. They were also available without a roof for working indoors. “Dreyers Federkraft“ was produced until the 1960s and more than 100,000 were sold. Over the years, the sorting of potatoes was gradually taken over by large cooperatives and the sales of sorters decreased continuously until the production at AMAZONE was discontinued.

Nowadays AMAZONE concentrates on machinery for modern crop production, but the era of the potato sorter will never be forgotten.