Amazone representatives around the world: New "Amazone Sales, Service and Training Centre" in Ukraine

Die AMAZONE-UKRAINA, unsere Vertriebstochter im ukrainischen Kiew, verstärkt ihre Aktivitäten. In einem der wichtigsten Agrarmärkte, der „Kornkammer Europas“, hat Amazone im September 2020 eine eigene neue Niederlassung eröffnet.

Our sales subsidiary AMAZONE-UKRAINA in Kiev, Ukraine is intensifying its activities. In September 2020, Amazone opened its own new branch in one of the most important agricultural markets, also known as the "Bread basket of Europe".

The building was constructed this year and has a large area reserved for machine presentations, 1,100 m² of space for spare parts storage and a service area as well as 560 m² of training space and office workplaces.

When the location for the facility was chosen, good connections to the main road network and proximity to Kiev-Boryspil international airport were high on the list of priorities. The hotels in the local area are perfect for holding training courses and for welcoming groups from the agriculture and trade sectors.

There is also sufficient space behind the new service and training centre for giving demonstrations and carrying out field tests. Here, our trading partners and customers can experience the practical advantages of "precision farming" at first hand.

Director Dmytro Davydenko is the head of our AMAZONE-UKRAINA subsidiary. Together with his 15-strong team, he will continue to provide successful support for our end customers and sales partners as well as striving to improve the overall service provided.