The benefits thanks to ISOBUS

+ AMAZONE ISOBUS Sprayers are UT 2.0 certified and as such can be operated via any ISOBUS terminal with UT 2.0. + All AMAZONE ISOBUS terminals and job computers support the AUX standard enabling the keys to be assigned on any AUS-N compatible multi-function joystick. + AMAZONE ISOBUS sprayers can be accessed with any ISOBUS compatible SectionControl licence. Special characteristics of AMAZONE ISOBUS sprayers: + Up to three user profiles and individual interfaces for different drivers can be created. + The operation menu can be optimally matched to the differeing numbers of keys on other ISOBUS terminals. + Any machine function can be freely positioned in the menu set-up. + Complete documentation via TaskController (ISO-XML). As an alternative to documentation via TaskController, the simple recording of field data (worked area, required time and applied rate) is possible. The recorded data can then be captured as a screen shot and then exported via a USB stick.