Precise for sowing rape


The success of rape sowing in high continental regions depends, to a large extent, on the sowing technology. Due to the short dry growth period, the right placement of the seed and the exact metering of the seed rate, especially with rape, are of decisive importance. A quick crop establishment and the utilisation of the available moisture alongside the overall temperature play a mayor role. The precise and optimised placement of the rape seed into the moist soil substantially influences the crop development and the yield level. With the aid of the very good individual guidance, the ConTec pro coulters ensures the maintanence the sowing depth of the seed. Against the background of the very dry weather of the continental steppe regions during the growing period, it is of even more importance to supply every plant with the maximum of the water available. With rape, the seed rate plays a decisive role. Thin sowing promotes the good development of the individual plants and reduces the danger of the yield being decimated through premature and stress ripening. Via the stepless Vario gearbox, rape can precisely be metered at 2 kg/ha. With the Condor, an excellent lateral distribution is achieved over the entire working width resulting in even crops