Garden and landscape company relies on AMAZONE technology

“It was in 2010 that we started with the first available Profihoppers”, the owner and manager Olaf Krause reports. Since then there has always been at least one Profihopper PH 1250 4WDi operating within the company. A 2013 machine has been operating reliably now for four years and has 1,130.5 operating hours on the clock. The company employs 60 people and offers, according to their own statement, everything. “Von A wie Abbruch bis Z wie Zaunbau” (from cutting to building fences), says the proud manager. Especially important for Olaf Krause is an in-house and reliable machine pool to be able to react flexibly and quickly. “In total we mow more than 500 ha of grass per year, and a great deal of this work is done with the Profihopper. So far there have been no big problems”, Olaf Krause says. “On the contrary, the machine apeeals because of its reliability, no matter what the weather. I send out my boys with the Profihopper where high outputs and reliability are required. Especially when it is wet and damp I know that I can fully rely on the Profihopper.” Olaf Krause is especially pleased by the SmartCut exact cut rotor which means the machine can mow, mulch and scarify in one pass and even leaves can be collected. “This saves valuable time and differs the machine from the other mowers”, comments the manager.