Flex-fold for Super-L2 and Super-L3 booms
AMAZONE offers two electro-hydraulically actuated boom fold options, Flex-fold 1 and Flex-fold 2. Each boom folding joint is equipped with an electro-hydraulic valve block that is directly controlled by the machine software. This enables faster folding. As soon as the first boom section is folded in or out by approximately 70%, the next section automatically starts to fold in or out.

Flex-fold 1
In addition to the benefits already outlined, Flex-fold 1 provides the following extra functions:

  • Height adjustment 
  • Folding in and out 
  • One-sided independent fold at reduced speeds (max. 6 km/h) 
  • Boom width reduction 
  • Tilt adjustment

Flex-fold 2
In addition to the advantages mentioned previously, Flex-fold 2 offers the following functions:

  • One-sided/bilateral positive boom angling 
  • One-sided/bilateral negative boom angling (in combination with ContourControl)

"To speed up the folding procedure, AMAZONE has replaced the simple sequence control by a sensor controlled process. With this we clocked a quick 19 seconds for folding out and 27 seconds for folding in – great!” (”profi“ – Test report Amazone UX 5201 Super - 10/2017)