Software licences for precise working

Software-Lizenzen für präzises Arbeiten (2) AmaTron_4_am_Berg

To meet all requirements, AMAZONE offers various fee-based software licences for AmaTron 4. The GPS-Switch basic or GPS-Switch pro, GPS-Track and AmaCam applications are already preinstalled, meaning that no additional software is required. They can be tested free of charge for up to 50 hours (AmaCam 10 hours). You decide afterwards whether you want to activate the licence permanently. The GPS-Maps&Doc function is included in AmaTron 4 as standard and is unlocked free of charge.

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Application when sowing: Position-dependent, automatic on/off switching for accurate placement of the seed

GPS-Switch basic
The GPS-Switch automatic headland and part-width section shut-off is a GPS-based, fully automatic headland and part-width section shut-off for fertiliser spreaders, crop protection sprayers and seed drills. When a field has been created, or if the border is known, the driver, in automatic mode, can fully concentrate on controlling the vehicle. GPS-Switch basic features the full functional scope of ISOBUS TC-SC (Task Controller Section Control). Equipped with GPS-Switch basic, the operator terminal offers up to 16 part-width sections. Additional applications are also possible with GPS-Switch basic, such as automatic boom lowering with AMAZONE crop protection sprayers or the creation of a virtual headland, which is extremely beneficial when sowing.

1. Virtual headland
2. Field and application maps for different seed rates possible
3. Worked area
4. Cataya automatically switches off precisely

Software-Lizenzen für präzises Arbeiten (3) GPS_Switch_pro

GPS-Switch pro
Up to 128 part-width sections are possible with GPS-Switch pro, which is based on GPS-Switch basic. Very small 50 cm part-width sections can therefore be switched when spraying using individual nozzle control. In addition to an auto-zoom function when approaching the headland, there is also the option of marking obstacles, for example, pylons or water holes, and receiving warnings when approaching them.

Software-Lizenzen für präzises Arbeiten (4) 20200610_091143_Screenshot_Amatron4_SCREEN
Processing of an application map for part-area, site-specific cultivation tailored to requirements.

GPS Maps&Doc
GPS-Maps&Doc offers field-related and geo-referenced documentation via the Task Controller. Scheduled ISO-XML jobs can be processed or created with the Task Controller. You can start working straight away and decide later whether the data should be saved or not. Application maps can be processed in the ISO-XML or Shape file format. After the work has been completed, the jobs can be exported in ISO-XML or pdf format via a USB stick for documentation. In addition, ISO-XML jobs can be easily exchanged between the terminal and the agricultural software application via agrirouter and the myAmaRouter app. For ease of orientation, inactive field boundaries are displayed in the map view and fields are automatically recognised on approach. Activate with a click and off you go!

Software-Lizenzen für präzises Arbeiten (5) Catros-plus-8003-2TX-Super_Case_d0_kw_iDJI_0075_d2_180503
Thanks to GPS track, the driver always has an overview of the field. The parallel guidance aid helps you to relax and stay safely on track.

The GPS-Track parallel guidance aid makes orientation in the field considerably easier, particularly on grassland. It features both A-B line and contour line driving track modes. The wheelings are clearly numbered. Deviation from the ideal line is shown graphically on the display. Clear steering recommendations via the integrated light bar in the status bar keep you on track. The exact distance to the next track line is also displayed – for ideal orientation, such as for finding the right maize row. Furthermore, the current wheeling is indicated by the ISOBUS tramline control for seed drills, meaning that a tramline can be automatically switched according to the tramline rhythm set in the machine (ISOBUS tramline control Level 1). Apart from the familiar systems such as track markers or switching via the working position sensor, AmaTron 4 therefore provides an extremely comfortable option for tramline control.

Software-Lizenzen für präzises Arbeiten (6) AMATRON4-Screen04_d2_181218

Thanks to the software licence, AmaCam can automatically switch on an optional reversing camera when reversing. This dispenses with laborious switching and helps avoid dangerous situations behind the machine.