AmaTron Connect – New ways for comfortable networked operation

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With AmaTron Connect, AMAZONE provides a digital interface to a smartphone or tablet. The mobile device and AmaTron 4 are simply connected as a hotspot. AmaTron Connect enables use of the AmaTron Twin App as well as data exchange via agrirouter and the myAmaRouter App.

AmaTron Twin App – Clear display enhancement
The AmaTron Twin App offers the driver even more comfort in work, as GPS functions in the field view can also be operated via a mobile device (e.g. tablet) in parallel with machine operation in AmaTron 4.

AmaTron Connect (2) Display_iPad_ATT_UX01_Teilbreitenschaltung_Nachtmodus

Advantages of the AmaTron Twin
display enhancement: 

  • Use of an existing mobile device
  • Greater clarity –
    all applications in sight 
  • Comfortable control of GPS functions
    in the field view in parallel via the mobile device  
  • Clear, authentic representation
    of the working machine and its part-width sections

AmaTron Connect (3) NextFarming
Uncomplicated data transfer. Transparent and secure!

myAmaRouter App – For the on-line transfer of data between AmaTron 4 and agrirouter
The myAmaRouter App enables data to be exchanged between the AmaTron 4 ISOBUS terminal and the agrirouter, the manufacturer-independent data exchange platform. If an AMAZONE machine is to be used to carry out a task with job data (e.g. application maps), the data can be easily transmitted from a Farm Management Information System (FMIS) to AmaTron 4 via agrirouter and the myAmaRouter App. After the work has been completed, the job can be sent back and is available for documentation in an agricultural software application.

  • Simple data exchange between the AmaTron 4 ISOBUS terminal and the manufacturer-independent agrirouter data exchange platform
  • Easy and rapid transfer of job and task data without the need for a USB stick
  • More flexibility for data exchange and documentation