AMAZONE Limiter (1) ZA-M_easy_d0_kw_P9259295_d2_190717

Convenient boundary spreading - without stopping or leaving the tractor cab

Perfect boundary and side spreading
The Limiter is a modern boundary spreading system that is used if the first tramline is half the working width of the fertiliser spreader in from the edge of the field. It is used for side, boundary and water course spreading.

The decisive advantage with the Limiter is that there is no need to stop, interrupt the spreading operation or leave the tractor cab.

The EasySet 2 in-cab terminal can be used to reduce the spread rate for boundary and water course spreading.

The Limiter can be moved around a fixed frame to give a generously dimensioned swivel range. This sets the Limiter to the required position for side, boundary or water course spreading, depending on the type of fertiliser. Exact details of this can be found in the setting chart and on a sticker on the machine. If the Limiter is not being used, it is conveniently swivelled up via a hydraulic cylinder.

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The Limiter can be hydraulically folded up out of the spread fan from the tractor seat via remote control