ZG-TS Truck & ZG-B Truck – High efficiency between yard and field

ZG-TS Truck & ZG-B Truck (2) ZG-TS7501_Truck_Unimog_d0_kw_DJI_0209_d2_191021

More efficiency thanks to high transport speeds

ZG-TS Truck & ZG-B Truck (1) ZG-TS_Aufbaustreuer_7501_links_d2_181210
Optimum weight distribution due to the hopper inclined forward

The ZG-TS and ZG-B trailed spreaders are the ideal solution for contractors and farms which have to travel large distances between field and yard. By utilising the ZG-TS and the ZG-B on a carrying vehicle even large transport distances can be managed, significantly quicker and with less fuel consumption. In addition, the spreaders on carrying vehicles can be used with larger ground clearances and track widths so that the range of application is increased. As with the standard ZG-TS, truck mounted spreaders are delivered with the ProfisPro on-line weighing system, it sets new standards in this area of application. 

Advantages of the ZG-TS Truck / ZG-B Truck

  • Better manoeuvrability in the yard and in the field
  • More efficiency on the road thanks to higher transport speeds
  • Benefits of the carrying vehicle, such as, larger ground clearance and track widths