Strong representation in the south-west

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What will plant protection of the future look like? How many chemicals will still be allowed in the field? Amazone shone the spotlight on these controversial questions during a themed evening about plant protection. The response was overwhelming: more than 400 interested trade professionals accepted the invitation and came along to BBG Leipzig’s premises. They could see for themselves that Amazone is innovative and taking a two-pronged approach in this field.

We firmly believe that chemical plant protection will not become redundant in future; rather, we reckon it will have to be increasingly supplemented by mechanical weeding. That’s why the evening’s motto was ‘Changing crop care – two fundamentally different processes with the same goal’. Our speakers from Amazone and Schmotzer Hacktechnik presented potential of their machinery. The guests’ rapt attention and complete concentration showed that the event was an absolute hit in terms of content.

The UX trailed sprayer was demonstrated to the guests during the guided tour of the plant

The opening speech was held by Roland Kratz (Amazone’s Sales Manager for Germany, Austria and Poland), and this was followed by the technical presentations. Once the official programme had ended, 150 guests – some of whom had travelled a long way – took the opportunity to find out about Amazone’s modern production techniques and stringent quality standards during an evening guided tour through the plant in Leipzig. The other guests continued their discussions in good company, exchanging their views on current agricultural topics. It is always particularly pleasing to see how our themed evenings strike such a significant chord with the professional audience.