Putting Amazone to practical use: Schmotzer Hacktechnik with Amazone front tank


Modern plant protection is currently undergoing a process of radical change. In addition to a return to "integrated crop production", which has been known for decades but has faded into the background somewhat, mechanical weed control is now growing in importance once again. Two years ago, the increasing importance of the hoe in the intelligent plant protection sector motivated Amazone to acquire Schmotzer hoe machinery and benefit from their many years of experience in mechanical plant protection.

Amazone has been working in the plant protection sector for more than 50 years, so it makes more sense for us to try to combine the technology from both companies to the greatest possible extent. The combination of a hoe and band spraying is a hot topic in the hoeing technology sector. Here, the machine hoes between rows and sprays plant protection agent on to the row, which reduces the consumption of the agent by 40 – 60 %. Consequently, Amazone developed the self-sufficient FT-P 1502 front tank, which can be operated in combination with the SCHMOTZER hoeing equipment. In future, the tank will also be used on other machines such as the Precea precision air seeder to store liquid fertiliser. Combining this equipment saves on resources, reduces working time and increases yields. The first machinery combinations have already been delivered and are already proving their worth.