Report on the current situation

Last year and the beginning of the new year were marked by the corona pandemic, which confronted all of us. The impact at AMAZONEN-WERKE was kept to a minimum thanks to strict measures and the great discipline of all employees. Operations were fully maintained without any noticeable downtime and sales were still significantly increased, especially in the 4th quarter of 2020 as well as in the 1st quarter of 2021.

AMAZONE achieved sales of 537 million for the first time in the company’s history, clearly exceeding the half billion mark. We are extremely pleased with the jump in sales in a year with such difficult general conditions and are encouraged for the future.

But there were also some important organisational changes at the AMAZONE Group. The management appointed a new team of supervisors as Product Line Managers (PLM) in December.

Mr Kühn is now responsible for fertilisation technology, Mr Klemann for crop protection technology and Mr Laumann for passive soil tillage. Another PLM for sowing technology will start work soon.

There were also some personnel changes at the AMAZONE subsidiary BBG: Mr Wilken took over the management of the Leipzig location and is now responsible for the Leipzig plant together with Dr Resch and Mr Braunsmann.

The demand for agricultural machinery is currently rising sharply, and the situation with our suppliers is also much tighter than last year, but we will do our utmost to supply our customers on a reliable basis.

The AMAZONEN-WERKE Management team