Double-armed robot welding system in operation in Hude

A 16-metre robot welding system was installed and commissioned at our plant in Hude in the summer of 2020. The system, which is designed for three-shift operation, can weld the frames of our large area seed drills in a single pass with its two welding arms. It is used to produce assemblies for the Cirrus series and frames for the new Precea precision air seeder.

There is an extra fixture into which the individual parts are inserted for each welded assembly and the finished welded components are lifted out by crane. The operator, Mr Wenzel Rabek (see photo), loads the appropriate program, fills the fixture, monitors the process and then checks the work result.

16 m long robot welding system at the Hude subsidiary plant

The great advantage of the robot is its high precision and the consistent quality that it can maintain for hours on end.

AMAZONE machines are subjected to extreme loads during their service life, especially those with large working widths. In view of this, robot welding with the highest precision and quality requirements is one of AMAZONE’s core competences.