Double award for Amazone

Der Niedersächsische Kultusminister Grant Hendrik Tonne (Mitte) überreicht die Auszeichnung an René Hüggelmeier (Personalleiter, links) und Tim Schade (Leiter Ausbildungswerkstatt, rechts)

On the 8th of July this year, the Minister of Culture of Lower Saxony, Grant Hendrik Tonne, made a personal appearance at AMAZONEN-WERKEN to present two awards. The first was the "Lower Saxony Award for Outstanding Training Reliability 2020" and the second for "Training Commitment During the Pandemic". The Minister was accompanied by the President of the Chamber of Commerce for Osnabrück-Emsland, Mr. Goebel, Managing Director of the Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Graf, and the mayor of Hasbergen, Mr. Elixmann.

Our apprentices received a special prize for their involvement in developing and manufacturing more than 170 head and forehead holders for face shields on the company's own 3D printer during the coronavirus pandemic and delivering them to the crisis management team in Steinfurt to care for coronavirus patients. This year alone, 15 new trainees and dual students also started working at AMAZONE in Gaste.

When handing over the award, the Minister of Education lauded AMAZONEN-WERKE as a model company for dual training. He also praised that fact that the young people working with us had the opportunity to participate in a range of domestic and overseas projects as part of their training.

The President of the Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Goebel, commended Amazone on our commitment to training. We made five honorary examiners available for the final exams and took on some trainees from insolvent companies so that they could complete their training. We always strive to encourage young trainees and are delighted when our efforts are recognised by the powers that be.