AMAZONE faces up to the demands in plant protection

DirectInject, the new direct injection system, impresses expert juries 

Quick, flexible and needs-based metered addition of plant protection agents - these are the key characteristics of the new unique DirectInject direct injection system from AMAZONE

The demands on our customers and their existing technology are constantly increasing, especially with regard to plant protection. Products and agents must be used precisely where they are needed in the field for optimum crop production. Furthermore, there are restrictions relating to protection-sensitive fields and bodies of water which farmers must also consider when selecting these plant protection agents. In contrast, agriculture is moving towards larger crop protection sprayers for greater area output and more economic use of machinery.

The new "DirectInject" direct injection system received two awards

AMAZONE has developed the new DirectInject direct injection system, in order to be able to react to different conditions in the field when using larger crop protection sprayers whilst also providing maximum flexibility in product selection and metering. The special feature of DirectInject compared to conventional systems is the fast response time of the injection process and its complete integration into the spray agent circuit and operation of the sprayer. Where differentiated, immediate applications were otherwise not possible, they can now react to the situation in the field in just one pass. Time saved, a reduction in the use of plant protection agents and optimum crops are the result.

These added values also convinced the juries of the DLG Innovation Award and the Farm Machine Award. AMAZONE DirectInject was awarded a silver medal and the title of Farm Machine 2022 in the crop management category.