Travail du sol


The fast way to a clean furrow

The new AutoAdapt system on this mounted plough setting up a much easier job and allows the front furrow width to adapt automatically to the current working width. Here is our impression of this innovation and more


Catros + Cenius = Ceus

Le nouveau combiné cultivateur-déchaumeur Ceus allie le déchaumeur Catros+ et le cultivateur Cenius. Le tout
est déjà connu dans un ordre successif différent en tant que Centaur. Quelques professionnels ont pu tester le Ceus l’automne dernier.


Amazone Catros XL 6003-2TS compact disc harrows

Bigger discs go deep - Amazone’s Catros XL 2TS is its answer for farmers wanting to disc at depths down to 16cm. The 4.0m to 6.0m range is only sold in a semi-mounted format, and we tried the 6.0m model on some chitted oilseed rape stubble.