Exclusive for the IceTiger from a hopper capacity of 1,000 l

Electric delivery point adjustment via an ISOBUS terminal

For the ISOBUS-controlled IceTiger, the spread fan is shifted to the right and left by an electric actuator whilst the vehicle is travelling along the road. From the seat, the operator simply enters how far the spread width needs to be to the left and right in the ISOBUS terminal. The electric delivery point adjustment then sets the delivery point of the material to be spread precisely and fully automatically. A hydraulic motor regulates the spreading disc speed at the same time. This automatically produces the desired symmetrical or asymmetrical spread pattern. It couldn’t be easier or more convenient.

Smart Precision System – more precise, more economical, more environmentally-friendly

The innovative Smart Precision System with  

  • hydraulically-driven floor belt, 
  • precision spreading disc and 
  • electric delivery point adjustment via ISOBUS enables even more comfortable and simpler operation of the IceTiger from hopper capacities of 1,000 l.

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