AmaTron 4 – Manager 4 all



Hardware for hard work! Robust, reliable and ergonomic

With the new AmaTron 4 ISOBUS terminal and its 8" multi-touch colour display, AMAZONE has developed an ISOBUS terminal where comfortable operation on the move takes place as a matter of course. The low-reflection display makes for easy reading and quick input of the necessary information. The 12 further soft keys in addition to the 12 switch areas on the touch screen allow intuitive operation, no matter whether by day or night. Via one of the three one-touch keys, a quick navigation between the relevant applications is possible.

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Software: clever and intelligent! That daily work routine made easy

The AmaTron4 operator terminal has been developed with the intention of fulfilling the highest demands in terms of comfort and with maximum stress-relief for the driver. A finger swipe enables the operator to navigate intuitively through the clearly and simply structured operational menu. A freely-configurable status bar along the top of the screen displays the chosen parameters and information tabs all the time, no matter which menu or sub menu one is in. Thanks to the quick start menu, also changes to the most important settings are made within seconds and any job data can be imported or exported. In addition, a practical mini-view display helps always to have in sight the most important machine settings, exactly there where it matters.

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Simple and quick navigation

With the aid of the App carousel, any changes between individual applications is accomplished very comfortably. One quite simply leafs through the main operational pages at a swipe. AmaTron 4 allows the entry and utilisation of not just several ISOBUS, but also non-ISOBUS compatible machines. The machine overview clearly shows which active tractors and mounted implements are connected at that moment.

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Switch area or soft key

From choice, the AmaTron 4 can be operated via its 12 soft keys or through the 12 switch areas. Practically, the switch areas automatically appear on the right hand side of the screen as soon as the proximity sensor detects your hand approaching. In the map view, the machine can be operated via the switch areas or via the soft keys.

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MiniView – everything at a glance

In the MiniView, the most important machine information is clearly shown along the bottom of the screen - even in the map view. If necessary, the MiniView can appear or hide to optimally utilise the full area of the 8“ multi-touch colour display. Via the automatic zoom at the headland, an even better control of the actual position is possible. As an alternative, the map view can be manually enlarged or minimised.

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Customise it for yourself!

The status bar along the top of the screen is visible in all levels and can be fully configured according to one’s own ideas. Just determine for yourself which parameters and settings are important to you and then enter them in the status bar.

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Up and ready by day or night

Thanks to the light sensor which is integrated as standard, the AmaTron 4 constantly matches its display illumination to the ambient light conditions. So an unfavourable display brightness, for instance during twilight, is a thing of the past. The automatic switching over between a day and night mode eases additionally the overall handling.

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Quick start menu

Thanks to the quick start menu, job data can be quickly and simply imported and exported. Also, for a quick diagnosis, data can be accessed and exported via the diagnosis function. In addition, practical, relevant settings, such as AUX-N layout, the brightness or the volume level, can be changed within seconds. Furthermore, the software version is directly visible within the menu. In particular, the new operating concept for the documentation and job management has been completely reorganised and now supports a practical-oriented way of working. The AmaTron 4 enables, for instance, the operator to immediately start work without having to start a job. Just decide later whether, and how, you would like to make use of that data. The special highlight is that the data and information relating to any application is stored, and can be found at any time clearly and at a glance assigned to the field. Various information, such as time, GPS status or parallel driving display can be located in the status bar.

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More precision, more efficiency

To meet all demands, AMAZONE offers various fee-based software licences for AmaTron 4. The applications GPS-Switch basic and GPS-Switch pro, GPS-Maps&Doc, GPS-Track, and AmaCam are already preinstalled so that no additional software is necessary. They can be used initially free of charge for 50 hours and only then does one have to decide whether permanent activation is required.

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GPS-Switch basic

The automatic headland and GPS-Switch part-width section control is a GPS based, fully automatic headland and part-width section control for fertiliser spreader, crop protection sprayers and seed drills. When a field has been created, or if the border is known, the driver, in automatic mode, can fully concentrate on controlling the vehicle. GPS-Switch basic features the full functional scope of ISOBUS TC-SC (Task Controller Section Control). Equipped with the GPS-Switch basic version, the operator terminal offers up to 16 part-width sections.

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GPS-Switch pro

With the GPS-Switch pro version, based on GPS-Switch basic, now up to 128 part-width sections are possible. Furthermore, with the GPS-Switch pro version, additional applications are possible, such as, for example, automatic boom lowering with Amazone crop protection sprayers or the intelligent tramlining switching, which, after having created the first AB line, can already calculate all further tramlines. There is also the possibility to establish a virtual headland, log any obstacles and add a point of interest (POI).

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With the completely new operating philosophy of Task Controller, GPS-Maps&Doc offers field-related and geo-referenced documentation. Via Task Controller, jobs, either as planned ISO-XML or newly created, can be processed. One can start work immediately and then decide later whether that data should be stored. Application maps can be processed in Shape format. When the work has been finished, the jobs can be stored in ISO-XML format on a USB stick for accessing again later.

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GPS- Track

The GPS-Track parallel driving aid proves to be an enormous help in orientation within the field, especially on grassland. It features various track modes such as the A-B line and contour line driving. The deviation from the optimum track is shown graphically in the display. Clear steering recommendations via the integrated light bar in the status bar keep you on track. Also, the distance to the next bout is displayed exactly– ideal for orientation, especially when finding the right maize row. - The Light bar offers helpful and clear steering recommendations - Thanks to GPS-Track, the driver always maintains the overview in the field. The parallel aid helps in remaining safely and relaxed in the track.

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Thanks to the AmaCam software licence, the optionally installed reversing camera automatically switches on when reversing. No inconvenient switching over. The analog video input can also be used alternatively for an external camera, such as, for example for use with a front tank. - The AmaCam automatic reversing detection provides direct access to the reversing camera and prevents dangerous situations

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Data transfer

Data transfer is via the standardised ISO-XML and Shape file formats for simple communication with most available farm software packages

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AmaPilot+ multi-function joystick

Via the AmaPilot+ multi-function joystick, actuation if especially comfortable. All functions in the operation menu can be actuated via the AmaPilot+ or any other ISOBUS multi-function joysticks.

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The possibilities when fertilising

- ISOBUS machine operation - GPS-Switch basic and GPS-Switch pro – for the automated headland and part-width section control of the fertiliser spreader - DynamicSpread (with GPS-Switch pro) for the dynamic part-width section switching with up to 128 part-width sections - GPS-Maps&Doc – with integrated Task Controller for the automatic documentation of job related data - GPS-Maps&Doc – part-area, site specific application of the efficient use of operating resources - GPS-Track – parallel driving aid for relieving stress on the driver - ArgusTwin – for the automatic adjustment of lateral distribution pattern - WindControl (in accordance with Prof. Dr. Karl Wild, HTW Dresden) - compensation of wind influence at varying wind conditions - FlowCheck – for monitoring the outlet apertures - Online-N sensor technology for part-area, site specific fertilisation to assist the appropriate crop nutrition

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The possibilities when sowing

- ISOBUS machine operation - GPS-Switch basic and GPS-Switch pro – automatic part-width section switching - GPS-Switch basic & GPS-Switch pro with AutoPoint – for the optimum switching times on the headland - GPS-Switch pro with TramlineControl – automatic detection and switching of the tramline for reducing driver stress - GPS-Switch pro – for creating a virtual headland - GPS-Maps&Doc – with integrated Task Controller for the automatic documentation of job related data - GPS-Maps&Doc – using application maps to optimise the seed rate and to better exploit the yield potential

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The possibilities when spraying

- ISOBUS machine operation - GPS-Switch basic and GPS-Switch pro – automatic part-width section switching for high precision, even more comfort and the maximum safety with saving potentials of up to 5 % (of crop protection agent) - GPS-Switch pro – exact switching of 50 cm part-width sections and automatic boom lowering for application start - GPS-Maps&Doc – with integrated Task Controller for the automatic documentation of job-related data - GPS-Maps&Doc – part-area, site specific application for the efficient utilisation of operating resources - GPS-Track – parallel driving aid for reducing driver stress

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The possibilities when cultivating

- Part-area, site specific application of fertiliser and/or seed in just one operational pass - GPS-Maps&Doc – with integrated Task Controller for the automatic documentation of job-related data - GPS-Track – parallel driving aid for reducing driver stress

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