Precea precision air seeder – Precise, intuitive and highly productive

Die Typen (2) Precea4500-2C_MasseyFerguson_d0_kw_P4235725_d1_191017_CMS

A seeder in a class of its own

With the Precea, AMAZONE offers a precision air seeder that meets the highest requirements. The new, high-performance centralised singling drive and the first-class PreTeC mulch sowing coulter are perfectly matched. Both systems work almost independently of the speed and the field conditions. The high seed placement accuracy impresses from the first to the last grain. So does the intuitive and comfortable operation of the precision air seeder.

The benefits:

  • Accurate seed placement
  • Excellent depth control with accurate sowing depth
  • High work rates due to forward speeds of up to 15 km/h
  • More comfort due to the very simple adjustment of the singling and the sowing units

The models

The Precea precision air seeder stands out with its wide range of frame concepts and equipment levels. 

  • Precea ACC: Mounted
  • Precea AFCC: Harrow-mounted seeder + mounted front hopper
  • Precea: rigid
  • Precea CC: rigid
  • Precea-FCC: rigid + mounted front hopper
  • Precea-2: telescopic and folding
  • Precea-2CC: telescopic and folding
  • Precea-2FCC: telescopic or folding + mounted front hopper
  • Precea-2AFCC: folding harrow-mounted seed drill + mounted front hopper

CC = Version for fertiliser application

Sämaschine der Extraklasse (1) Precea3000ac_d0_kw_P4095078_d1_191014_p50
Harrow-mounted Precea 3000-ACC with KG 3001 Special rotary cultivator
Sämaschine der Extraklasse (2) Precea_4500-2C_Super_d0_kw_P3183733_d1_211230
Precea 4500-2CC Super with rear fertiliser hopper and filling auger

Sämaschine der Extraklasse (3) Precea6000-2CC_JohnDeere_d0_kw_P4229050_d1_220225
Precea 6000-2CC Super with rear fertiliser hopper and filling auger
Sämaschine der Extraklasse (4) Precea6000-2FCC-12R_d0_kw_P6104335_d1_220110
Precea 6000-2FCC Super with FTender mounted front hopper (for fertiliser)

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