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Furrow closer

The optional furrow closer finger closes the seed furrow, in particular under difficult conditions, and thus ensures optimal field emergence.

  • Optimisation of the field emergence through reliable closure of the seed furrow
  • Simple and tool-free height adjustment and deactivation
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V-Andruckrollen - Andruckrollen

Different V-press rollers

The narrow 25 mm press roller is ideal for medium to heavy soils, while the 50 mm press roller is better suited to light soils. The toothed 50 mm press roller is recommended for its particularly good reconsolidation and crumbling.

  • The right roller for every soil type
  • Simple and tool-free adjustment

1. 25 mm smooth
2. 50 mm smooth
3. 50 mm toothed

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Clod clearer – the ideal option against clods and stones

The optional clod clearer is the ideal tool for heavy soils and cloddy conditions. The use of a clod clearer makes the coulter run significantly more smoothly.

  • Smooth coulter running in a cleared seed furrow ensures an even field emergence Universal
  • adjustment of the clod clearer possible
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Star clearer – the perfect option against harvest residues

Using the optional star clearer ensures that the seed furrow is always optimally cleared, even when larger amounts of organic material are present. The trash-free seed rows ensure that the sowing coulter works well, suppresses weed regrowth and ensures optimal field emergence.

  • Optimisation of the field emergence by an optimally cleared seed furrow
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HD tractor wheel mark eradicators

The optional HD tractor wheel track eradicators are useful for when on compaction-sensitive soils and for reduced working depth. Overload protection ensures a constant trip force in all positions.

The benefits:

  • Intense loosening directly behind the tractor track
  • High flexibility with 3 point versions
  • Vertically and horizontally adjustable
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