MultiStory with Precea

Multistory der Precea – Multitalent der Präzisionslandwirtschaft (1) Precea12000-TCC_Fendt_d0_kw_DJI_0636-1_a_d1_240311_CMS

MultiStory with Precea - multi-talented in precision agriculture

Good technology is the basis for high precision. However, only the interaction between an electrical control system that is equal to, and harmonised with it, allows for perfect precision. AMAZONE makes this perfection possible with an electronic solution that is harmonised for both the Precea and AmaTron 4 - and thus makes the Precea-TCC multi-talented in precision farming.

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By using up to 3 hoppers, several application materials (1) seed and 2) fertiliser or additionally 3) micro-granules) can be applied simultaneously and flexibly. This saves passes and increases fertiliser efficiency through precise under-root fertilisation. 

  • Multi-chamber system - central seed hopper, two-chamber hopper for fertiliser and optional hopper for micro-granules. 
  • Flexible application of several different materials.
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Both seed, fertiliser or micro-granule rates can be applied to specific areas within a field, adapted to the different yield potential - independently of each other, based on up to 3 application maps with the GPS-Maps&Docs licence, using the AmaTron 4. 

  • Part-area, site-specific application of each material. 
  • Increases the efficiency and exploitation of the natural yield potential.

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MultiBoom (1) MultiBoom_Vergleich_Precea-TCC_d1_240320_CMS


Automatic, time-delayed switching, on or off, of each medium via GPS-Switch pro with AmaTron 4 prevents overlapping or gaps at the headland. 

  • Individual shut-off times for each applied material. 
  • Maximum precision on the headland for uniform crop growth.

1. without MultiBoom
2. with MultiBoom

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In order to avoid over- or under-sowing in critical areas, each row can be switched on and off precisely using single row shut-off in combination with the GPS-Switch basic software licence in the AmaTron 4 operator terminal - separately for seed and fertiliser or for the addition of micro-granules. 

  • Individual single row control for seed and fertiliser or for the addition of micro-granules. 
  • Reduction in input costs.
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