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Seed embedment with the RoTeC Control disc coulter for conventional and mulch sowing

RoTeC Control coulters are maintenance-free and work extremely well yet with little wear and tear. Even where large amounts of straw and trash prevail they won’t block up. The combination of the sowing disc on the one side and the furrow former on the other create the perfect seed furrow and optimum seed control. The elastic polyurethane disc also helps to create the seed furrow, accurately controls the pre-set sowing depth and prevents soil from sticking to the sowing discs.

  1. Sowing disc
  2. Control 25 depth guidance roller
  3. Furrow former
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RoTeC: now proven by over 300,000 units!

Awarded an Agritechnica silver medal

The very even and exactly controlled depth guidance of the RoTeC Control coulter is achieved via the Control 10 depth guidance disc, with a contact surface of 10 mm, or the Control 25 depth guidance option with a contact surface of 25 mm. As this depth guidance is fitted on the side of the coulter, this principle operates with more accuracy than coulter systems with a following, rigidly attached separate depth guidance roller. The depth guidance discs or rollers enable the basic setting of the sowing depth to be carried out quickly, easily and comfortably using the coulter pressure. If necessary, a notched quadrant allows for the readjustment of the sowing coulter in 3 steps.

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Quality and reliability throughout:

  • Sowing disc of high-strength boron steel
  • Shallow angle of inclination for reduced soil movement
  • Wear resistant polyurethane disc acts as an adjustable depth guidance roller and for cleaning

The large clearance between the front and rear rows of coulters ensures a blockage-free sowing operation, even where large amounts of straw prevail.

With only one cutting disc per coulter, AMAZONE ensures – even at a 12.5 cm row spacing and mulch sowing at high speeds – a blockage-free material passage in between the coulters.

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Hydraulic coulter lift and coulter pressure adjustment

For solo soil cultivation the coulters, together with the following harrow, can be raised hydraulically. This enables the quick and flexible matching of the combination to the specific conditions: Spontaneous pre-cultivation can be carried out in the event of poor straw incorporation in part areas. The targeted pre-loosening of the headland or other compacted areas is also possible.

The coulter pressure of the Avant is, as standard, adjusted hydraulically.

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Seed embedment with either RoTeC and the RoTeC+ coulters for conventional and mulch sowing

AMAZONE offers the RoTeC+ coulter for the Avant 4001-2 and 5001-2 for sowing on particularly large areas and for the toughest operating conditions. The coulter features a disc diameter of 400 mm and is made from 4 mm thick hardened Boron steel. In this way, the wear is kept to a minimum and an already long service life is further extended. For trouble-free sowing at high forward speeds and in heavy soils where there is much straw, the coulter pressure has been increased to a maximum of 55 kg.

Row spacing on the RoTeC Control coulters is 12.5 cm.

  1. RoTeC+ Control coulter (∅ 400 mm) (seen here with a Control 25 depth guidance roller)
  2. 55 kg coulter pressure
  3. 35 kg coulter pressure
  4. RoTeC Control coulter (∅ 320 mm) (seen here with a Control 10 depth guidance roller)
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Optional seed press rollers for the RoTeC and RoTeC+ coulters

The following press roller runs precisely in the seed furrow and, under dry conditions, presses the seed (such as rape and other fine seeds) to the bottom of the furrow. Depth guidance of the coulter is still carried out via the depth limiting disc. The rollers feature an adjustable depth setting, can be removed without tools and can be operated in combination with the Exact harrow (not in conjunction with shallow sowing discs).

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