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Metering cassettes for any type of seed

Special metering cassettes for different application rates precisely and gently deliver the seed up to the distributor head. The three metering cassettes supplied as standard cover up to 95 % of all seeds. Other metering cassettes, for instance for maize or specialist crops, are also available.

The interchangeable metering cassettes are suitable for the following application rates: fine seeds (approx. < 15 kg/ha), medium sized seeds (approx. < 140 kg/ha), normal seeds (approx. > 140 kg/ha).

Metering cassettes for different seed types

  1. 7,5 ccm: e.g. for rape
  2. 210 ccm: e.g. for barley, rye, wheat
  3. 600 ccm: e.g. for spelt, oats, wheat
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Optional metering cassettes

  1. 20 ccm: e.g. for lucerne, mustard, stubble turnips
  2. 120 ccm: e.g. for green manure, maize and sunflowers
  3. 700 ccm: e.g. for beans, peas, soya, fertiliser, green manure, maize, sunflowers
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Hydraulic blower fan drive

A power-efficient hydraulic motor drives the blower fan for the seed delivery. Modern tractors are equipped with sufficient hydraulic valves which, independent of the engine speed, provide a constant oil flow and thus fulfil all the parameters for hydraulic drive.

The new high performance blower fan is characterised by its low oil requirement of just 25 l/min at 3,500 rpm and minimum noise emission.

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Variable tramline control

Two distributor heads are installed in the 6 m Avant.  2 x 6 seed rows per tramline can be closed. So, at a coulter spacing of 12.5 cm, 87.5 cm wide wheel tracks can be created.

On the 4 m and 5 m Avant, only one distributor head is used. 2 x 4 seed rows can be closed off in one tramline with this distributor head. This results in a wheel track of 62.5 cm.

In this way, AMAZONE takes into account the demands of wider and wider tyres on the crop husbandry tractor.

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Translucent distributor head

The translucent distributor head is used for permanent monitoring of the seed flow. It is therefore located outside the seed hopper within full view of the operator.

When creating tramlines, the amount of seed is reduced accordingly by the electric metering device. Seed delivery to the tramline coulters is interrupted as soon as the electric motor closes the relevant seed tubes in the distributor head.

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Seed tube monitoring

Another useful system to assist the driver is the optionally available seed pipe monitoring which detects immediately any blockages down at the coulter and in the tube. Directly behind the distributor head, sensors monitor the seed flow in the seed pipes. Incorrect switch-over of the tramline rhythm is automatically detected by the system. Especially on long working days, the monitoring is an elegant solution to help keep an eye on the working performance.

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