Front hopper

Frontbehälter bis 2.000 l Behältervolumen (1) Avant_0043A

Front hopper with up to 2,000 l capacity

With or without self-steering tyre packer

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FPS front seed hopper with front tyre packer

The front tyre packer gives additional reconsolidation of the area left in between the tractor wheels. With its self-steering packer, driving around bends is simply possible.

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FRS front seed hopper with front mounting frame

when specified without the tyre packer, the FRS front seed hopper is carried on the tractor’s front linkage system. If necessary, additional ballast weights can also be added to the front hopper.

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Clear view to the front and rear

The front mounted seed hopper has been designed to be wide and low so as not to obstruct the driver’s view. The same applies to the visibility to the rear, where the lack of a seed hopper makes for an uncluttered view of the rear mounted implements.

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Accurate metering drive

Simple adjustment and comfortable calibration

On the precise, mechanical metering drive, the star wheel, in conjunction with the Vario gearbox, ensures a consistent drive of the metering unit on the seed hopper.

Available as an option: electric seed rate adjustment via AmaTron 3.

The emptying of the seed in the hopper is quickly and simply done via the quick emptying device which is easily accessible and fitted onto the hopper.

for emptying any residual amounts, a slide is opened and the hopper contents emptied into the large calibration tray.

the cassettes of the seed metering system can easily be exchanged. This allows the precise and gentle metering of all seed types and seed rates with excellent distribution along the row even at high forward speeds.

As an option, the metering drive of the Avant can be regulated electrically via AmaTron 3. In conjunction with the electric drive, calibration is comfortable and fully automated. The electric drive also offers additional functions, such as, for instance, the pre-metering of the seed in field corners and the increase and decrease of the seed rate during operation.

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Optimum weight distribution

Front hopper and rear combination are mounted to the tractor in just a few minutes and without tools. The seed tubes are fitted down the side of the tractor via retainers that can remain there even when the Avant has been dismounted. By means of over-centre catches, the seed tubes to the font hopper and the rear combination are quickly connected. The front hopper is coupled onto the tractor’s front linkage and the hydraulic couplings are plugged into the tractor. The same procedure is carried out for the rear: The rotary cultivator is mounted on the lower link arms, the top link arm connected and the hydraulic hoses are plugged in. That just leaves the data cable to be fitted to the AmaTron 3 and the sowing operation can start.

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Compact on the road

For transport on public roads, the rear mounted combination can be hydraulically folded to a transport width of less than 3 m and a transport height of less than 3.7 m.

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Optional camera system

In difficult driving situations, the optional camera system on the front tank and on the rear combination provides increased safety all around. The high resolution, antiglare monitor is backlit and can also display two cameras at once.

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