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High-performance and reliable pump technology

The UF 02 can be equipped, from choice, with a single pump system that has a capacity of 150 l/min, 250 l/min or 300 l/min. During the filling procedure at a nominal pump speed, the full pump capacity is available for filling the spray agent tank. At the same time, either the contents of the induction bowl can be drawn out via the venturi or the total fill capacity can be increased up to 450 l/min.

Benefits of a piston diaphragm pump:

  • Simple handling due to its self-priming capability at the start of the filling procedure
  • Very high, consistent application rates with system pressures of up to 10 bar 
  • Can run dry and is liquid-fertiliser proof 
  • Long service life
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Everything thought of! Fill level and cleaning

The fill level can be read off both via a clearly visible scale or the operator terminal. High-performance, rotating nozzles clean the spray agent tank internally. Short pipe runs and hose cross-sectional areas as small as possible make for low residual volumes. Continuous internal cleaning is available as an option (not with Flow Control+).

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Central actuation – all via the SmartCenter

The new SmartCenter operator station is equipped with a large hinged door that protects all the relevant operating controls and the induction bowl from dirt and water splashes. In the inner panel of the swing door, a holder for gloves and a measuring jug is provided. As the swing door opens backwards towards the boom, it protects the operator from chemical contact on his clothing from the booms plus, at the same time, creates plenty of free space between it and the tractor. With the Standard-Pack and the Comfort-Pack, AMAZONE offers two particularly comfortable solutions for the operation of the UF 02. 

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Well thought through – in every detail

The 20 l hand wash tank is positioned above the induction bowl and it is completely integrated into the machine design. The wash water runs directly into the induction bowl and is sucked into the tank. In addition, an easily-accessible soap dispenser is positioned underneath the hand wash tank. As standard, the UF 02 features a 30 l dustproof and splash water safe clothing locker for carrying any personal protective equipment.

The benefits:

  • Central layout of all relevant operating components; and all perfectly accessible
  • Operator station is sealed against dirt and splash water ingress
  • 30 l dust and waterproof clothing locker
  • Integrated 20 l hand wash tank
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SmartCenter with Standard-Pack – simple and intuitive operation

Essentially, Standard-Pack means that the UF 02 is operated mainly via the manual suction and the pressure taps. The suction tap determines from where the pump is going to draw the liquid from, whereas, correspondingly, the pressure tap determines where the pump will send the spray liquid to. In addition, the in-house developed 7-way pressure tap from AMAZONE simplifies control of the pressure side.

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7-way pressure tap

The UF 02 is equipped with a 7-way pressure tap. As opposed to a normal pressure tap, the in-house developed valve from AMAZONE consists of a cam and valve seats. Exclusively by swivelling in and out the handle on the pressure tap, the relevant liquid paths are reliably opened or closed.

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SmartCenter with Comfort-Pack – Operation made easy!

In conjunction with Comfort-Pack, the TwinTerminal 3.0 is also utilised. In addition, automatic fill stop for the suction fill is also included. As an option, fill stop is also available when pressure filling from a bowser. During application, the intensity of the agitation is regulated depending on the tank fill level. As the fill level decreases, the agitation capacity is automatically reduced down until it is completely switched off preventing the formation of foam at a low fill level. In addition, the automatic agitation regulation offers auto-dynamic agitator control. This means: If larger application rates are required at the nozzle, the agitator output is reduced. When the nozzles are switched off on the headland, the agitation is automatically restored.

After the spraying operation is finished, Comfort-Pack provides fully automatic cleaning which can be controlled completely remotely from the tractor cab. 

Additional functions such as boom rinsing, the cleaning the spray liquid circuit from heavy deposits or a defined dilution of a subsequent tank mix in the field are all functions included within Comfort-Pack.

“Striking is the new 7-way pressure tap which serves all the functions on the pressure side. Because of this, operator errors are virtually impossible.”
(“agrarheute” magazine – Test report UF 2002 with FT 1001 · 03/2018)

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Exact mixing – Quick and safe with the induction bowl

The benefits:

  • Exceptionally quick, trouble-free filling 
  • Suction capacity of 150 l/min
  • Fresh water supply during both suction and pressure filling
  • Safe induction even of powder and granular spray agents, thanks to the additional mixing nozzle
  • Practical folding measuring jug holder in the induction bowl lid
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Trouble-free filling with top performance

The 60 l induction bowl is positioned directly underneath the operator control chest. The phenomenal suction capacity of 150 l/min guarantees the quick, absolutely trouble-free filling and a complete emptying. For inducting powders or granular spray agents, an additional mixing nozzle is positioned underneath the suction aperture which safely prevents any blockage of the suction aperture. The mixing nozzle is infinitely-variable and can be operated in parallel to the infinitely-adjustable output of the high capacity rinse ring.

When either suction or pressure filling, the induction bowl can be also supplied with fresh water via a steplessly-adjustable 3-way valve!

The canister cleaning nozzle is activated simply by pushing down the canister or measuring jug. In the upper zone of the canister cleaning nozzle there is an additional, smaller contact area which is positioned where the nozzle can be activated, specifically for a more effective cleaning of the canister neck.

Details, such as the measuring jug holder, or the drain off possibility for the canisters located on the inner side of the dustproof and liquid tight lid, provide the operator with an exceptionally convenient operation. When the induction bowl is closed a complete internal cleaning can be carried out with the aid of the canister cleaning nozzle. The spray lance, included in the standard execution, is positioned to the right hand side of the induction bowl.

"Everything has been thought of for the induction bowl; even canisters can be left to drain.”
(“agrarheute” magazine – Test report UF 2002 with FT 1001 · 03/2018)

“The 60 l induction bowl manages anything. We experienced this when inducting Epsom salts.”
(“agrarheute” magazine – Test report UF 2002 with FT 1001 · 03/2018)

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